St. Louis, MO - Misery punk rock

The Few.

Alternative rock band from the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. Comprised of singer and founder Dom, bassist and co-founder Tory, drummer Roger, and guitarists Dan & Alexz. This band highlights their expressionistic style of alternative rock over a dim background of those other “cookie-cutter” alt-rock bands. They combine artistic storytelling through sweeping metaphorical lyrics with powerful performances that create an intrinsic understanding of their purpose and meaning. Experiencing them live will not only leave you feeling anxious for more, but also confidently accepted into a community all their own. Through that acceptance they never fail to deliver their message, ‘Being your true self; unique and individual. And never compromising that just to feel accepted.’ "No one should be afraid to be themselves."


The Few has tackled three national tours. They've played in over 20 states and travelled thousands of miles to tirelessly spread their message, music, and story. Those who have experienced any of their almost 200 shows know quite well how apparent it is that what this band creates is vibrant and full of life. Its raw sound is trimmed with hidden brilliance. In this stage of the bands existence the potential can be heard lamenting for attention. Their subtle, but distinct writing style is obvious from the first verse clear through to the last. The clarity of emotion and passion in the music and performance is surprising to come across today; a deep breath of fresh air. This band is an exception to the stereotype of modern music where ones art is simply exchanged for money. That attitude and character has driven them down a path to humble realization – a realization that they are undoubtedly here to stay.


In 2007 at only 13 years of age the eventual founders of The Few were united. An immature unpolished sound, no direction, and no plan led to minimal growth. However, it did lead to a step forward toward the trail they so ferociously blaze today. It was during this period that they realized their passion for what they do. As well as their hope to change this world; just as their influences had done for them. In a mere four months after its creation the group caught fire. Tory and Dom had agreed there was no sacrifice too great for their pursuit and that verbal bond still locks them on their path today.


For 7 years it was an uphill battle of lineup changes and priority differences before the band really started to unify. It was this coupled with the obstacles of life; be it loss, poverty, homelessness, or depression, which their powerful material resulted. Their bond was solidified. A true chronicle of musicians budding in a city starved of art and performance. The product was a struggle capable of filling a novels' chapters to the brim; a story of unwaveringly chasing a pipe dream with nothing but that fire to fuel them...

It was the spring of 2013 when Roger joined the group as their permanent drummer after filling in as a tour musician for the previous regional tour. What he brought to the table became a staple, the heartbeat of the band, the foundation. In the fall of the next year after their first national tour, the band lost their guitarist. This was the first real obstacle that brought progression to a halt. It was this that sparked a fire beneath Tory, Dom, and Roger. After which they tirelessly sought out a replacement. The clock was ticking and they felt the pressure multiply with each passing second. It was then; in a pinnacle moment they found Dan. It took only a month and the machine once again fired on all cylinders. The takeover was beginning.


In the winter of 2014, the band trekked to Minneapolis Minnesota with years of momentum pushing them toward the completion of their debut album “Sleep Tight, When You Wake Up We’ll Be Gone”. For 14 days the band lived, slept, and ate in the studio. They worked around the clock 17 or more hours a day forging a record that had been dying to burst forth for the better half of a decade. In those 14 days a unity was created that not only permanently solidified their debut album, but also fixed their minds toward their goal.


Early in the spring of 2015 after much progression and a massive show at The Ready Room in St. Louis a fifth member was added to the group. Alexz joined on guitar preserving The Few’s signature harmonic sound while freeing singer Dom of his weight pulling double duty on the mic and guitar. This escalated their performances to soaring new heights. Even making them, as one concert reviewer said, “Rise above the rest.” It became apparent to the five of them at this moment the takeover had really begun.


Now with the release of their debut album "Sleep Tight, When You Wake Up We'll Be Gone" on June Tenth, they will start to take flight. Something unprecedented has been forged out of their undying devotion. They fiercely attack each day with more power than the last. They survived. They live. They look toward the future each day, all the while giving an appreciative nod to the past. For it was that which made them who they are, and that which brought them to where they stand now. Preparing for takeover.


“We have come too far now… we maintain immeasurable motivation and perseverance. The only thing that can stop this machine is ourselves. Now we have been passed the torch, one that has been burning for years. It is an obligation to carry on a legacy of music responsible for making us the individuals we are today. But we do it our way. We are the voices for those who may not have it. We are the consoles for those who may need it. We are a community unified by one of the world’s only constant mediums – music. Killing the Divide between us all. We are THE FEW.”